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Hello, hi 👋🏼

I'm Tina, a product-focused software developer based in Cape Town Ireland The Netherlands.


Though the primary focus of my career has been software development, I’ve often found myself working at the intersection of multiple disciplines within the digital ecosystem, including product and project management, user experience, analytics and strategic leadership. Combined with a keen interest in human behaviour and business processes, this has enabled me to build a diverse skillset and a thorough understanding of the ecosystem as a whole.

I believe in continuous learning, embrace new challenges as growth opportunities and always strive to surround myself with people who are smarter than me.

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring new countries and cultures, spending time outdoors and hiking with our dog, Wilco. Functional training and running keeps me centered. I completed my first marathon in 2019 and am an avid member of the Parkrun community.

Timeline 👇🏼

For things I’m looking forward to and/or currently focused on visit /now

  • Moved to the Zaanstad area and, for the first time in a long time, into our own place
  • Completed my dissertation (Utilising modern, browser-based machine learning technologies for data-driven cognitive accessibility research) and graduated my BSc (Hons) Computing degree with a First Class Honours
  • Proudly became newborn parents as we welcomed Ario, a beautiful little boy, into the world
  • Travelled home for (like many other expats) the first time in over two years
  • Somehow managed to move from Ireland to the Netherlands amidst a global pandemic
  • Joined the incredibly talented team at CLEVERºFRANKE and pivoted back to frontend development
  • Not a great year for traveling or running, but we went on several glamping trips throughout the Netherlands and ran a couple of PBs pre-pandemic
  • Started playing piano again
  • Ran my first marathon (Dublin 2019, 4:18:04), 50th Parkrun (March 2019) and fastest 21km, 10km and 5km
  • Travelled through Ireland and hiked in the Wicklow mountains with Kevin (and Wilco)
  • Travelled to Ontario (Toronto, Niagara Falls), New York State (Finger Lakes Distric, NYC), Northern Ireland, Wales, Copenhagen and Sweden (Malmo and Stockholm)
  • Started studying at the University of Derby Online (BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Technologies)
  • Moved to Limerick, Ireland with Kevin (the husband) and Wilco (the dog)
  • Made some new friends at Leaf and started working remotely full-time
  • Travelled to The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Zeeland), Brussels, Paris, Germany (Munich, Rothenburg, Heidelberg), Prague, Budapest and Canterbury - it was a good year for adventure.
  • Learnt and applied Elixir, Phoenix and React-Native
  • Completed 28 parkruns in 4 different countries
  • Joined the tech team at Babylonstoren
  • Primarily focused on Javascript (React) and frontend architecture
  • Travelled to Greece & Turkey
  • Adopted Wilco (the dog)
  • Started at Cybercellar as Ruby on Rails Frontend Developer
  • Moved into our first house 🏡
  • Travelled to Mozambique
  • Married a trooper 🍠
  • Left Primedia Broadcasting to focus purely on my development skills
  • Contract-based work (Frontend / Ruby on Rails)
  • Travelled to the UK (and attended the Next Radio conference)
  • Agile Fundamentals Workshop, Thoughtworks
  • Still freelancing part-time as a web developer, picked up some international clients
  • Started working at Primedia Broadcasting as a Digital Product Owner
  • Project Management & UX Course, presented by @RianVDM
  • The Bookmarks 2013 Shortlist, Best Student
  • Mostly a combination of studying and freelancing
  • Completed the Certificate Wine Course at the Cape Wine Academy
  • Worked as a Digital Intern at Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Started studying Design & Art Direction at Red & Yellow
  • Started freelancing as a web developer
  • Completed the South African Wine Course at the Cape Wine Academy
  • Took a gap year
  • Completed a Comprehensive Web Design course at City Varsity
  • Worked, travelled (and bought my first MacBook Pro 👩🏼‍💻) in the USA
  • Started working as a Junior Web Designer at a small agency in Cape Town